Spark and Flow Shawl - Kit

Spark and Flow is a large, squishy, and deceptively easy shawl that's fun to knit and simple to wear. The design is achieved with a fairly straightforward feather and fan pattern, some simple stripes, and a few slipped stitches - that's it! And when it's all done it's equally fun to wear.  Extra increases along the edges give this shawl an almost-heart shape, which sits easily on the shoulders for comfortable wearing.  It's large size makes it easy to style many different ways, and suitable for people of many sizes.


About the kit:

Spark and Flow takes 4 skeins of our delightfully soft Plush DK in 3 Purl Jams colorways: choose from the soft, feminine palette of Lilith Fair, Blues Traveller, and Jimi; or go bold with Muddy Waters, New Orleans Jazz, and Light My Fire.


Each skein is 4 oz (113 g)/ 280 yds (256 m), for a total of 16 oz (452 g)/ 1120 yds (1024 m) per kit.

100% superwash merino

Hand wash cold, lay flat to dry.

This kit includes 4 skeins of Plush DK in Purl Jams colors, a printed Spark and Flow Shawl pattern, and the Spark and Flow Shawl pattern Ralvery digital download code (to redeem, add the pattern to your Ravelry shopping cart and use the unique code to redeem your free digital copy).