Felt Bags

These one of a kind, hand-felted bags are made with ultra-fine merino wool, much of it hand-eye, and sometimes bits of silk as well. They are luxuriously soft on the hands and yet wonderfully sturdy, and most are even reversible! Each side is designed to be equally beautiful, and to compliment each other for an utterly beautiful experience. These make wonderful project bags (they fit up to 2-3 cakes of yarn, plus needles and notions) or handbags (fit your wallet, phone, keys, and have room left over  if you need it - without having more bag than you want). Though sizes vary slightly each bag is approximately  11 inches by 10 inches.

Making each bag requires carefully planning and arranging 6-7 layers of wool per side, and then hand felting these layers until they magically transform into the sturdy bags you see. The designs and colors are unique to each bag, so no two are ever the same!