Copper Sock Gradients - Jumbo (150 g)

88% superwash merino/12% copper-infused nylon, textured 4-ply
5.25 oz (150 g)/653 yds (597 m)

The most exciting new yarn we've seen in a long time!  Copper Sock features 2 plies of superwash merino and 2 thinner plies of copper-infused nylon, creating an exceptionally soft, supremely bouncy, and remarkably durable sock yarn.  This yarn is fantastic for socks, of course, but also for mitts, sweaters, hats, and any other accessory.  It's springiness makes it poorly suited for lace, but it's ideal for colorwork, texture, cables, stockinette and garter.


Hand or machine wash cold, tumble dry low or lay flat to dry.


Please note: as much as possible, colors are shown on Copper Sock.  Otherwise, colors are shown on a 100% superwash merino yarn and are accurate representations of how the color will appear on Copper Sock.  Due to Copper Sock's unique construction and fiber content many colors will have a slight-to-moderate heathering (as many dyes bond at different rates with the superwash merino and the copper-infused nylon, or in some cases resist bonding with the nylon).  This is considered a normal and desirable aspect of this yarn.  If you have any questions about this yarn or how a particular color will appear on it please don't hesitate to ask.