Citrus Delight Shawl Kits

Knit your very own dose of vitamin C with this cheerful, sunny shawl! With 1 skein of a Gradient color and a small amount of a natural color, this pattern uses a simple faux-intarsia technique to delightful effect. Knit a slice of orange, lemon, lime, or grapefruit and enjoy a tropical feeling on even the coldest days!

This pattern is fully written and uses only the following stitches: k, k2tog, kfb, M1T (simply a backward yo, explained in the pattern), p, and ssk. Because of the design of the shawl there is no need to twist yarn together to lock the white stripes and Gradient wedges, so yarn tangling is kept to an absolute minimum. This shawl is knit top-down, all in one piece.

It's a terrific first project if you've been intimidated by working with multiple yarn supplies at once, or by intarsia in general (this isn't quite intarsia, but it's a great stepping stone to build your confidence and skill set). It's also a terrific project for some mindless poolside knitting - after the first few rows of the main Body section you'll be in the groove, and you'll hardly need the pattern!


Each kit includes 1 Gradient cake of Plush Fingering (100% superwash merino), 1 small skein of Plush Fingering in the natural white color, and a terrific clear zippered project bag. Gradients may be wound either way (with the darker end on either the inside or outside). Since these cakes can be used from either the inside or outside you can always start from either end; if you have a preference for the darker end in the middle or outside, please say so in a note at checkout.


Enjoy $2 off the pattern price when you purchase the kit complete with pattern! If you select this option, the kit will come with both a paper copy of the pattern and a Ravelry download code for a digital version of the pattern.  Already have the pattern? Just select the Pattern Not Included option and receive only what you need!


Standard size kits include: 1 standard size Gradient cake (4 oz/113 g, 560 yds/512 m), 1 Ditty-sized skein in Natural (1 oz/28 g, 140 yds/128 m).

Jumbo size kits include: 1 Jumbo size Gradient cake (6 oz/170 g, 840 yds/768 m), 1 Mini-sized skein in Natural (2 oz/56 g, 280 yds/256 m). 


Color Options and Their Corresponding Gradient Color
Orange: Orange You Glad Gradient
Lime: Honeydew Gradient
Lemon: Hello Yellow Gradient
Grapefruit: 59th St Bridge Gradient