Awestruck Shawl - Kit

Sometimes you want to knit a pattern that lets you just go with the flow. This is especially true of knitting with Gradient yarn, when every yard is precious! But you don't want to get bored, either. Enter Awestruck, a fully adjustable lace sampler shawl designed to be used with any Gradient yarn in any amount. Worked from the top down, you'll be able to repeat the stitch patterns until your yarn runs out (no weighing or measuring required)! Please note that this pattern only includes charts for the stitch patterns, there are no written instructions provided for the charts.


About the kit:

This shawl is designed to be used with any Gradient yarn, so the options are unlimited! This kit includes Plush Fingering in Awe Gradient, the exact yarn used in the sample shawl.  

The sample used a standard size 4 oz skein. This kit is available in 3 skein sizes:

​ 4 oz - 560 yds (512 m)

6 oz (Jumbo) - 840 yds (768 m)

8 oz (XL) - 1120 yds (1024 m)

​Want something different? Since the pattern is fully adjustable, any skein goes!  Browse any of our Gradients and choose the color and yarn of your dreams.

This kit includes 1 skein of Awestruck, the Awestruck Shawl pattern printed in full color, and the Ravelry digital download code. Ravelry ensures you will always have access to your pattern even if your copy is lost, and you will automatically receive any pattern updates in your email!

About the yarn:

​Plush Fingering is a scrumptiously soft 2-ply superwash merino wool. It takes color fully and beautifully, and it's well-rounded enough for anything from lace shawls to lightweight sweaters.

100% superwash merino

Hand wash cold, lay flat to dry. ​