Custom Pride Flag Gradients

Wear your Pride wherever you go! Let us create your choice of Pride flag in yarn form, and create a project that perfectly expresses how awesome you are (or make as a gift for an awesome person in your life)!

These colors are custom dyed in a Gradient style with each color gradually blending into the next (except where that will create an undesired additional color - e.g. there is a tiny amount of white between the blue and pink in the Trans Pride flag to avoid creating purple where they meet).  Each skein is individually dyed to match the Pride flag you choose, and can be further customized if desired (maybe you do want some purple in your Trans Pride flag, or maybe you'd like more pink than blue in your Bi Pride flag - just include a note during checkout). Please be aware that we generally cannot dye more than 5 colors in a Gradient, with the exception of rainbows. Also note that these are not in stock and each is skein being created as a custom color, and will take up to 5 weeks to ship.


Looking for a rainbow Gradient? You can find our regular Chakra colorway here!



This is by no means an exhaustive list of pride flags, we're simply limited in how many we can list here - if you want a flag that's not shown here please contact us, or select any flag and tell us exactly what you want in a note during checkout!