Welcome to Apple Tree Knits

We help you craft your bliss with a stunning range of Gradient, semisolid, and kettle dyed colorways - all hand dyed on luxurious yarns in our New Jersey (USA) studio. We believe that color is very closely tied to emotion, and we strive to create colorways that celebrate all that is beautiful and nurturing within and around us (including, and sometimes especially, in dark places). We hope our yarn can lift you up, mellow you out, honor your darkness, or put some zing in your stitches - and above all, we hope our yarn gives you joy!

Below you can browse our extensive selection of in-stock yarns by either colorway or by yarn base. You can also find our kits and Free Spirits (one of a kind and discontinued yarn), or use our Preorder option to order our colors of the month in your choice of yarn and skein size!